Bienvenu(e) / Welcome

Salut, tout le monde :
Ca fait 6 ans que je fais mes études en France. Ce qui me manque le plus, c’est la cuisine chinoise. Donc, j’ai décidé de créer mon 1er blog pour présenter la cuisine traditionnelle chinoise et partager mes expériences, par exemple, comment l’adapter en conditions locales (manque d’ingrédients surtout).

Lors de chacune recette, je vais essayer mettre le plus de photos possible et d’explications en français et en anglais.

Voilà, amusez-vous bien!

ps: je vais aussi mettre le nom du plat en chinois et sa prononciation en pinyin. Si vous avez des questions sur la cuisines chinoise,  ou des plats que vous avez goûté et que vous avez envie de refaire mais ne savez pas comment faire, je serai ravie de répondre à vos questions.

Hi, guys:

I am so happy to create my first blog today, the birthday of my daddy. Since my childhood, I was always the first one waiting at the table whenever my daddy was cooking. Unfortunately, daddy’s little girl has to grow up and found her own family. Recently, I get extremely passionated on Chinese traditional cooking and tried a lot of recipes. So why not share with you guys!

For every recipe, I will try to put as many photos as possible and the explanations will be both in French and English.

I hope you enjoy it!

ps: I will also put the recipe name in Chinese and its pronunciation in pinyin. If you have some questions on Chinese cooking,  or some plates that you tasted and you like but you don’t know how to do it, I will be very pleased to answer these questions.



2 Responses to Bienvenu(e) / Welcome

  1. hanacat says:

    So ive finished all 15 dishes… i wish i could be as good a cook as u are!!!! i think i can follow yr recipes and try some of them on my own! 😉
    cheers, anni

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